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Bali Travel Guides is a local travel guide company in Bali. Providing Bali Local Guide and Tour Package for those who want or are on an excursion in Bali. With service related to the best tourist destinations, activities, adventures and Places of interest in Bali. The Bali island offers beautiful beaches, countless waves for surfing. And also offers so many beautiful natural sites to visit and explore. Colorful ceremony, and talented artists.

Here, Bali Travel Guides come to you to share what you can do and see in Bali with local Driver Guides. Starting from the place of visit, the ideal activity for your vacation. Challenging natural adventurers. And also find beautiful beaches with local travel guides. Get information about customary culture and customs with Bali Travel Guides.

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Lempuyang Gate of Heaven | Place of Interest East Bali

Lempuyang gate of heaven is a famous gate for tourists today. A very hunted gate for Instagram and the best spot photo lovers. Located in the villages of Bunutan, Abang, Seraya, Karangasem-Bali, in the highlands with a blend of the grand gate and Mount Agung. …

Makepung Buffalo Race in Jembrana | West Bali Hidden Gems

In addition of Jegog Music, Jembrana also has a unique attraction, namely is Makepung Buffalo Race. Mekepung is a buffalo race activity, originating from Jembrana Regency, Bali. Its means is romp (race) is one of old tradition in Jembrana. History of Makepung Buffalo Race in …

What can you do in Ubud for 2 days | Best Things to Do in Ubud

For those of you on vacation in Ubud or plan to stay in Ubud in the next 2 days. Certainly have a question what can be done for 2 days in Ubud? Here are the things you can choose as answers from What can you …