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Batu Lantang Waterfall | Location and Entrance Fee

Batu Lantang Waterfall | Location and Entrance Fee

For those of you who like to explore the rural nature of Bali. With this, we review exotic waterfalls in remote areas. That is Batu Lantang waterfall is one of the waterfalls that is not widely known by tourists.

Enchanting Batu Lantang Waterfall

Batu Lantang Waterfall
Photo by Tredy Setiawan

This natural impression can be seen from the presence of green hills and clove plantations owned by local residents. Batu Lantang Waterfall refers to a village name here, local people also call it Gong Waterfall. “Because the waterfall used to sound like a gong, which originated from a falling water flow

The thunderous sound in the Balu Lantang waterfall originated from the height of the waterfall which reached 25 meters high. Moreover, the flow of waterfalls in this place has a very large discharge. Therefore, the sound that emerged from the waterfall was so loud.

Location of  Waterfall

Batu Lantang Waterfall can be reached from Denpasar to Petang in about 1.5 hours drive which is about 25 kilometers. Located in Sulangai Village, Petang, Badung Regency, Bali. Then to reach this waterfall requires a walking distance of about 500 meters from the edge of Jalan Raya Baturiti – Sangeh.

Parking facilities and public facilities do not exist at all. Parking lots only use the edge of the highway or take advantage of a soccer field not far from where the waterfall is located.

Around this area it is still fairly natural. Panorama of a combination of hills and plantations is clearly visible. The existence of plantations on the hillside is the only access that connects to the headwaters of the river, as well as the existence of this Batu Lantang Waterfall. It takes around 30 minutes to travel from the highway along the plantation estate dirt road.

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Tips to get to the waterfall safely

Batu Lantang Waterfall

Like a clove plantation that grows in the steep slope area. Extra careful footsteps are needed after passing the path. Clove fields, coffee plants, and cacao trees make the trip even more cool providing shade when the sun is directly above our heads.

Arriving at the bottom with a cliff on the east side and plantations on the west side make the location of this Waterfall seemed crushed and hidden. The cold water was felt to blow with the wind into the cool air that slammed from a height of 25 meters.

Entrance Fee Have to Pay

Because it is still new (newly discovered) and rarely visited by visitors. And is still left without decorated with markers as a tourist attraction. Therefore there is no entrance fee collection or it is still free. In the future, to organize access to a waterfall that is better and safer, a contribution from visitors will be needed.

How to reach the location of the waterfall

To reach this location you need a vehicle in the form of a motor bike, taxi or car rental with a tour guide. For those of you who want to find this waterfall we recommend using a rental car with a driver guide. Because with a guide, will make your trip faster and safer.

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