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Bali Safari and Marine Park

Get The Best Attractions in Bali Safari and Marine Park

Bali Safari and Marine Park provides you with fun attractions. And used as one of the island’s biggest and popular animal theme parks that opened the gate on 2007. This place was established by Indonesian Safari Park which includes 40 hectares land in Gianyar District. This is a home for more than 69 species and all of them were roam free in a large enclosure which mimicking their natural habitats.

Enjoying the safari bus to visit animals here and enjoying the fascinating elephant shows. Seeing the baby sharks in the big aquarium and cuddling with baby orangutans as well. You can get information about Bali safari Ticket.

What’s inside Bali Safari and Marine Park

This park has around 80 collections and 40 specimens from three areas. Such as Africa, Indonesia, and India – including of Himalayan bears, nilgai, deers, zebras, camels, African hippos, baboons, lions, ostriches and so on. what the most epic creatures here are legendary Indian white tigers where you can meet them here. the guests will take a safari bust to get around crossing the different areas inside this park.

Bali Safari has a signature with Safari Journey. That takes you into the artificial habitats of Indonesia, Africa, and India. Which been modified giving them a chance to see the wildlife collections which naturally living together. Bali safari Ticket includes several packages.

As mentioned earlier that they live in the open range areas and you can take photos as much as you want. All of those conveniences and safety of the safari team with great facilities and you will accompany by professional guide here. The main shows in Bali Safar including of Ranthambore as the replica of ancient Indian Fort in Rajasthan. The city where white tigers roam.

The Elephant Village as the sanctuary for retired elephants and showcase of Komodo dragons. There is also a chance to get closeup photos with some of the animals here. Check its official site for Bali safari Ticket.

Good things to know about Bali Safari and Marine Park

Your visit to this place will take around a full day trip to enjoy all things where the park has offered to you. The best thing to get there is during the opening time since there are so many things to see and do in this place. This is always better to get a private car or transport instead of a taxi, at least getting transfer back to your hotel. The weather here is pretty hot so that you need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Checking for its Bali safari Ticket.

You are able to good use of stunning attractions for free and photo opportunities where you can find in this park. And get the park map which very easy to use and help you to explore all the sites here easily. The location is pretty far so that it is also a good idea to plan out some stopovers on the way you go. Do not forget to bring the towel, extra clothes and swimsuit. If you want to take a dip and you want to enjoy with your kids in the nearby water park. So, book your Bali safari Ticket.

So, if you interest to visit Bali Safari and Marine Park. Bali Travel Guides will help you to adjust your best visit here. You will know more about strong Balinese Culture with Animal educations here which are perfect for a family trip.

You will get zoo adventure experience just like you are in the wildlife  with some exciting activities that you should not miss here. This package will offer you with more unique exploration. So, you are able to book your Bali safari Ticket in advance

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