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Makepung Buffalo Race Jembrana

Makepung Buffalo Race in Jembrana | West Bali Hidden Gems

In addition of Jegog Music, Jembrana also has a unique attraction, namely is Makepung Buffalo Race. Mekepung is a buffalo race activity, originating from Jembrana Regency, Bali. Its means is romp (race) is one of old tradition in Jembrana.

History of Makepung Buffalo Race in Jembrana

This Tradition was first developed around 1930 in West Bali,  Jembrana Regency. The inspiration emerged from the process of cultivating paddy fields. The stage of pulverizing the soil into mud using traditional plows (Lampit Slau). This plow is pulled by two buffaloes with headdresses and bells on the buffalo’s neck. So, if the buffalo goes to pull the plow, it will sound like music.

With sais dress like palace warriors add to the uniqueness of this activity (Makepung). They were barefoot, wearing head dresses, scarves and vests, sitting on plows.

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Discover 2 types of terrain for Makepung in Jembrana.

1. Makepung ( Buffalo Race ) on the road

Makepung Buffalo Race

Because the Jockey’s clothes that are worn are always dirty after makepung in the muddy rice fields. Than, they move to the road near the rice fields. This unique and interesting activity is carried out routinely by the people of Jembrana – West Bali, after harvesting in the rice fields.
The Makepung buffalo race usually held on Sundays or holidays start from 7 am – 11 am. Followed by people in the Banjar, village, sub-district and even district level.

2. Makepung ( buffalo Race ) on the water and mud.

Makepung Lampit

Makepung Lampit Jembrana is the beginning of the emergence of makepung attraction. It’s a tradition of ancestors. Not so well known and developed. Makepung Lampit is a unique attraction racing above on 500 meter area of water and mud.

To add some unique attractions in Jembrana, especially Manistutu Village. The local government assisted by local people to preserve it again. They created an organization called Pok Darwis located in Manistutu Village, Melaya District.

The Makepung Lampit Circuit is located at Makakara Subak circuit in Manistutu Village. It’s usually open daily for visitors. For further information please contact Putu Widiasmadi as the head manager of Pok Darwis (+62 82 247 993 838)

Or please contact us – Bali Travel Guide for more information about places of interest and things to do in Jembrana.

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Unique attractiveness that you get.

In addition to seeing Buffalo Race (makepung Lampit). Foreign and local tourists are also presented with a variety of culinary specialties from the village of Jembrana.  Like rice cake, boiled cassava, fruit salad and others.

Pok Darwis as the organizing of this activity. Intentionally served the village culinary specialties starting from the manufacturing process in the traditional way. Use wood stove and firewood and household furniture made of wood and soil. So, the impression was very nuanced in the old era village.

Get information about Makepung lampit with friendly host by Mr Putu Widiasmadi

The best way to reach Makepung Buffalo race in Jembrana

If you have a plan to find this hidden gems, we highly recommend using a trusted tour service provider company. Organize your plans with them. Because they will determine the right time to visit. Of course this will make it easier for you to achieve it.

Because the distance of this location is about 108km from the airport, so to reduce your fatigue you can take a day’s stay in Jembrana. Or combined with visiting other please near by like West Bali National Park, Banyuwedan Village and Pemuteran Singaraja.

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