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Nyepi Day Bali | What Happens on Nyepi Day in Bali

Nyepi Day Bali | What Happens on Nyepi Day in Bali

Nyepi Day is a Hindu new year based on the saka calendar which began in 78 AD. The Saka New Year in Bali begins with silent and practice meditation reverence. There is no activity as usual. All activities will be abolished, including public services, such as Ngurah Rai International Airport, but not for hospitals. Do you want to know the purpose of Nyepi Day?

The purpose and moral message of Nyepi Day Bali

1). The main objective of Nyepi day Bali is ask God for blessing to purify Bhuana Alit (human nature) and Bhuana Agung (universe). Preserving nature as the main goal of the Tawur Kesanga ceremony.

Certainly a demand of present and future life. Bhuta Yajña (Tawur Kesanga) has the meaning and meaning to motivate Hindus in a ritual and spiritual manner so that nature is always the source of life.

2). In the Vedas: “Those who embrace different religions and speak different languages, live together on this universe. Should get along well as one family, like a mother who always gives milk to her offspring. Thus the earth gave happiness to mankind “(Atharvaveda XII.1.45).

A series of Nyepi Celebrations

1. Melasti Ceremony

Nyepi Day Bali | What Happens on Nyepi Day in Bali

For Balinese Hindus, carry out the Melasti ceremony by carrying pralingga or pratima Ida Bhatara. And all its equipment to the sea or other springs that are considered sacred.

Usually done throughout Bali by choosing a place that provides spring water and the sea. At the time of melasti if you as a traveler avoid the road that leads to the beach. Surely traffic will occur.

The Melasti Ceremony has a spiritual message for humans to cleanse and purify themselves so that they have the readiness of both the scales and the noetic (physical-spiritual) in welcoming the day when they have to be silent.

2. Tawur Agung ( Mecaru )

Nyepi Day Bali | What Happens on Nyepi Day in Bali

Then the day before Nyepi is Taur Agung Day which is essentially to pray for, ask for the safety of the universe, the world and all of His creations. Usually done each villages in catus pata (crossroad), a symbol of balance.

Tawur Agung is held at sandhyakala (evening). After that, proceeding with ngrupuk by carrying a torch, sprinkled rice rice. Accompanied by ogoh-ogoh which is a giant statue.

The ogoh-ogoh, financed with citizens’ contributions, were then burned. The meaning and implementation of the Nyepi Day, associated with the burning of ogoh-ogoh, is a symbol of nyomia or neutralizing the Bhuta Kala, the elements of evil forces.

3. Nyepi (Silent Day)

If you are in Bali or living in Bali, travelers are expected to join in honoring this celebration by not making a fuss and traveling outside the hotel area.
Prepare food or something that is needed the day before, of course things that are not provided at your hotel.

silent day bali

But for us (local people) are required to carry out a number of seclusion has been redefined by Parisada Hindu, namely:

    1. Amati Geni (not lighting fires including cooking). That means making upawasa (fasting).
    2. Amati Karya (not working). This means isolating the senses.
    3. Amati Lelungaan (not traveling). The meaning is to rest the body.
    4. Amati Lelanguan (not looking for entertain).

In principle, when Nyepi, our five senses are appeased by the power of manah and budhi. Alleviating sensual desire can foster dynamic happiness so that the quality of our lives increases. For people who have special abilities, they do tapa yoga brata samadhi at Nyepi.

4. Ngembak Geni.

On this day, Simakrama was conducted; shaking hands to apologize and forgive, visiting each other to say thank you. All Nyepi Day activities and trinkets covered by Bhakti are in the effort of Hindus to radiate Truth (Sathyam), Chastity and Silence (Sivam), and Beauty (Sundaram). Through various rituals and spiritual battles against evil and lust for human anger is an essential way to bring about peace.

Things to do on Nyepi Day for tourists

Well, if you like the silence maybe a holiday during the celebration of Nyepi should you try. Feel the peace and silence in 24 hours in Bali. If your flight to Bali is at Tawur Agung, Bali’s airport will open until 1am (on Nyepi).

And if the flight is home, I suggest going to the airport earlier than usual because the roads are locked with people returning to their villages and the taxi service stops operating normally starting at 3 pm and onward.

If you are Nyepi in Bali, you can enjoy a day of relaxation at your Hotel, Resort or Villa. You will not be permitted to leave your hotel, resort or villa on Nyepi Day Bali. Hotels and resorts serve food so if you stay at Villa food supplies and drinks.

Thank you, I hope the information above is useful and I really appreciate it if you happy to shared with friends or family who want to go on vacation at the time of Nyepi celebration.