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Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

Talking about places of interest and unique things to do in Bali will never end. With natural beauty, clean beaches, unique traditions and social life of the local community become one of the some reason to visit Bali island. Maybe this is a new things for travelers who are the first time to set foot on the Bali Island. And for repeater traveler want to find something different Thing to Do and Best hidden gems in West Bali. Please come to Jembrana Bali.

Jembrana Bali provides many hidden gems that are not found in other areas of Bali. Thing to do in Jembrana Bali is a tour of the beach, mountains and countryside. Feel the vacation sensation with the feel of rural nature, a calm beach and unique attractions.

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

Lets we start from the east of Jembrana, is the Yeh Leh beach. An stunning beaches and can be used as the background of your beautiful photos. This location is usually used as a resting place for motorbike or car riders whom are crossing west Bali to the island of Java.

This beach is unique and interesting, because at the edge of the beach there are many rocks that separate the edge from the sea. When the sea water recedes, the rocks here stand out in a variety of stunning sizes.

This beach is located on the border between Jembrana Regency and Tabanan Regency on Bali Island. At the border of this area, you will find the symbol of Tabanan regency in the east and in the west the Jembrana regency symbol is built.

There is also a mascot from Jembrana district which is a statue of Makepung. Makepung is a tradition of cow racing. The cow race race is almost the same as the one in Madura Island.

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

Next, you can see extraordinary natural events in Pekutatan village. Where you can see the road that penetrate a large tree trunk, which is more famous as the Bunut bolong (hollow Bunut Tree). Usually this place is always crowded with local people who happen to pass by in this area. Their goal is to capture this unique and captivating panorama.

Magical power of Bunut Bolong

It’s good we know the location, right? This tourist spot is located in Manggisari Village, Pekutatan District, Jembrana Regency, or can be reached within 2 hours of driving from Denpasar, or about 1 hour from the Gilimanuk Port (Jembrana) if travelers cross from Ketapang Harbor, Banyuwangi.

Actually, Bunut Bolong is just a tree branch that has a big hole in the middle and can be passed by 2 cars simultaneously. So it’s very unique, right? We hardly hear phenomena like this. The name Bunut itself in the local language means the name of a rooted tree, while Bolong means hollow. So overall, Bunut Bolong means Bunut tree which has a hole in the middle.

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

After that, we can admire the big temple at Rambut Siwi. This temple is one of the big temples believed by the Hindu Balinese people to protect the west of Bali. In this area there are 7 temple complexes that have different functions. Standing majestically on the beach of Rambut Siwi.

Rambut Siwi Temple looks magnificent and beautiful standing on the edge of a cliff, directly adjacent to the beach, the natural surroundings are beautiful and beautiful, making you feel at home for long admiring the majesty of God.

Moreover, tourists visit to this temple is quite quiet unlike the Tanah Lot temple which is always crowded, so here you can be more free to relax and enjoy the beauty that is served, especially if you come in the afternoon the beauty of the sunset becomes a special attraction in Jembrana, West Bali.

Places of Interest in Jembrana Bali | Thing to Do West Bali

Makepung – Buffalo Race in Jembrana

Furthermore, unique attractions that you can find in the center of Jembrana district, called by Makepung (buffalo race). This attraction is a party of Jembrana people, who want to celebrate their success in agriculture, especially the rice harvest. This is an interesting thing you can do and see in West Bali.

In addition to the Makepung Attractions you can also join the West Bali sea turtle conservation center and participate in preserving the turtles by releasing them on the Prancak beach.

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Makepung Buffalo Race

Well, those are some places of interest in Jembrana that you can add to your next visit during your vacation in Bali. Take a different trip away from the center of commerce and the hustle and bustle of the city. For futher information, don’t hesitate to contact

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