Beautiful holiday with Bali Local GuideBeautiful holiday with Bali Local Guide


Visited August 2018

Bali Travel Guides is a real Balinese Team, who knows the island like no one else. He recommended us some awesome places, many temples and nice spots by the beach. His tips for a successful holiday were always welcome. He even went out of his way to find shortcuts when the main road was blocked for a huge religious ceremony.

We also got to know him better along the trip which is a real plus if you want to learn more about the customs, religion and lifestyle of the Balinese people. When possible, he’ll drive you around traditional streets and villages. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for pictures, he’ll ask you anyway 😉 Always on time and fast response on Whatsapp.

Bali Travel GuidesBest Service Ever

Jane Mary

Visited June 2018

Hello everyone! Trust me it was the most amazing one. Simply in love with its blissful places, amazing locals, great food, etc. It was the first time that only we 2 sisters had been all alone there.. but it was still so easy, fun & safe, which made our vacation the perfect one.

We had mainly to Ubud, Nusa islands, Gili Islands & Kuta. Had planned a couple of day trips – Ubud & South Bali, the Nusa island hopping tour and Gili boat transfers through Bali Travel Guides. The Services was always on time and was ready for any end moment changes. He made our travel so very easy and followed our planned itinerary so well on time.