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Tibumana waterfal ubud Bali - how to get there

Tibumana Waterfall Ubud Bali – How to get there

Bali Island is a paradise island, which provides so much natural beauty. that have to visit in Bali. One of them is Tibumana Waterfall Ubud Bali. is one of the most beautiful hidden waterfalls near Ubud Bali. because there are not so many tourists who know and visit this waterfall.

We, Bali Travel Guides are operated by local Balinese people. Will review a little about Tibumana waterfall Bali. Tibumana Waterfall is located in Apuan village, Susut, Bangli, Bali 80661. This waterfall is still classified as a hidden waterfall. because of its location hidden in the forest, with some of the most impressive sights in Bali.

For those of you who want to visit the waterfall dibali, it is not wrong if you choose a Tibuman waterfall. Besides some of the steepest water available in Bali. Such as Sekumpul waterfalls, Aling Aling waterfall, Banyumala waterfall.

How far from ubud and othe places in Bali ?

Tibumana Waterfall from Ubud. If you stay in Ubud, it will be easier to reach this location. The distance from Ubud to Tibumana Waterfall only takes about 45 minutes.

And the distance from Canggu, Kuta, Seminyak, Legian or Denpasar to Tibumana Waterfall takes longer (1 hour and 30 minutes). Depending on the congestion situation.

Walking to location

Tibumana Waterfall ubud bali - how to get thereWhen you are closer to Tibumana Waterfall Ubud Bali, you will see endless stretches of rice fields and palm trees. Take the time to pause to see the daily life of the local community. You will see Balinese who take care of their animals or roam around the fields.

After arriving at the location you will be charged an entrance ticket of IDR.10K per person. And you will go down the stairs to the valley. Here there will see 2 directions ( right derections and Left ). Please take the right direction to see the temple or go to see the waterfall.

The path to Tibumana Waterfalls passes through the forest and it is a good opportunity to admire exotic vegetation. First of all you will pass a small waterfall before reaching Tibumana waterfall Ubud Bali. Extraordinary natural atmosphere is presented here.

How to get there ?

If you can ride a motor bike or car, you can do it yourself. Of course with the help of google map. And maybe you don’t want to stress on the road so we recommend renting a local driver with car. All decisions are yours!

1. Rent a motorbike or a car with your own driver

Renting a motor Bikes in Bali is easy. Just ask in your accommodation and they will most likely have a motor bikes to rent. The price for renting one motor bike for one day in Bali is around IDR 50,000 depending on your negotiation skills. Or please contact us “Cheap rent motorbikes in Bali

2. Rent a car with a local driver

If you feel uncomfortable riding a motorcycle, my suggest to rent a car with a local driver for a full day. You can also add several locations that you want to visit. At a cost of around $ 40 per car, it includes local drivers, gasoline, parking fees. For details, please click “rent a car with a local driver

TIP: renting a car with a local driver with us is very free and you can definitely share the costs with some friends. With a friendly and experienced local team. And also has extensive knowledge of Bali. Surely it will give you the freedom to stop wherever you want to admire the scenery or just take a break.

Safety rules in Tibumana waterfall Ubud Bali.

For your safety, take a moment to read the safety rules in this waterfall. This rule is based on the experience of local people in this location.

  1. Don’t swim too far
  2. Do not enter the cave
  3. Don’t stand near the cliff
  4. Don’t swim under the waterfall
  5. Do not litter

Well, hopefully the information above is useful, and don’t forget to share it to help provide information to others.

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