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Top 10 Adventure Activities to do in Bali

Top 10 Adventure Activities to do in Bali

Discover the famous heavenly islands in Asia and even the world. The island is Bali, known as the island of a thousand temples which has amazing nature, Balinese people are known for their courtesy and friendliness. In addition to the charming nature, Bali also offers a variety of amazing adventure opportunities. Whether it’s the challenge of adventure in water or on land. You will find everything in the list of the 10 Adventure activities to do in Bali:

1. Surfing in southern of Bali

Top 10 Adventure Activities to do in Bali

South Bali is famous for its amazing beaches for surfers. Apart from being an iconic place, Bali also has an amazing surfing spot. The most popular place is the Padang-Padang beach on the south coast. Sea sports lovers go there to look for sea and sun. Then for those of you who like exciting water rides, you can find Tanjung Benoa Beach, also in the south of Bali. The southern coast of Bali is an ideal place for beginners and definitely for experienced surfers. The best months to play the waves are from October to April.

2. White Water Rafting in the Ayung River

Ayung white water rafting Bali

Ayung River is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the river rapids. With natural nature, tropical rain forests, you can find it here. If you want to enjoy the nearby river rapids then go to the Ayung River. You can start from the north side of Ubud and go west along with the flow of water. If you like hardcore adventures, make it during the rainy season (September to March).

3. Paragliding at Timbis Beach

Top 10 Adventure Activities to do in Bali

Hovering and continuing along the waves of the Indian Ocean on the cliffs of Bali. The experience of floating for 15 minutes above a height of up to 50 meters, is a thrilling adventure in Bali. You can enjoy paragliding in the turquoise sea. You can take off like an eagle from the cliffs of Nusa Dua and enjoy this adventure.

4. Canyoning at Gitgit Waterfall

Top 10 Adventure Activities to do in Bali

Being in the middle of the forest in northern Bali, Gitgit Waterfall is 40 meters away and adventure lovers come here to enjoy the canyon. This sport is all about agility and endurance, adrenaline boost. It is a combination of river trekking, rock climbing, rock climbing and abseiling.

5. Flying Fish at Tanjung Benoa Beach, Nusa Dua Bali.

Top 10 Adventure Activities to do in Bali

Flying Fish is a very wild and thrilling idea. It’s all about your courage on a rubber boat which is attached to a speed boat. Now, you can fly and flap your wings into the air, sounds fun, right? Flying fish in Bali is a must where three people and a shared guide can enjoy this. There will be many obstacles and bends, riding the waves about 2 mts above sea level.

6. Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon Beach.

Do you want to feel exploring the underwater world? snorkeling on a clean, offshore beach. Discover a variety of charming fish and marine life with a variety of colors and shapes for 2 hours. Blue Lagoon Beach is the best place for diving in Bali. Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon Beach is a fun, full of fun activity. Try this for those of you who love water sports!

7. Jungle Swing in Tegalalang Ubud Bali

Feel the thrill of sensation above 30 feet from the ground. Then look down with lush and green views. Jungle Swing is the latest icon that you should try in Bali. Located near Ubud with multi-level rice fields. This is the most beautiful adventure activities to do in Bali.

8. Trekking in Jatiluwih

The best things to do in Bali

Jatiluwih is famous for its wide rice fields as one of the icons in Bali that has been recognized by the world (UNESCO Heritage). With the natural charm of the Balinese countryside and the panoram of Batu Karu mountain. By taking Trek in Jatiluwih, you allow yourself to explore the fertile area where photogenic rice fields are located. This trip also offers a great experience with natural hot spring which is located not far from the iconic center of Jatiluwih.

9. ATV Quad Bike in the forest or on the beach

Kuber Bali Adventure Bali ATV Ride Peliatan Ubud

Now you feel you want to do extreme sports. Well, if you don’t have a lot of energy to push your body, bike. Ride a four wheel ATV quad bike through the forest or beach with black sand. Ubud is famous for quad bikes where you can visit villages, plantations, countryside, forests and more. Besides riding a bicycle in the forest and mud, you can do it on the beach. One of these full service providers, you can contact them at

10. Mountain Batur Sunrise Trekking

Mount batur sunrise trekking bali

Want to find incredible sunrise in Bali? The trip to Mount Batur is adventure activities what you have to do in Bali. This adventure begins early morning by walking in the dark to the top of Mount Batur. This trip not only gives you the opportunity to appreciate the unspoiled nature but also the historical side.

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