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Ultimate Travel Guide around Bali – What to See and Do

Ultimate Travel Guide around Bali – What to See and Do

Ultimate Travel Guide around Bali. You will always find many things to explore in Bali. The island offers a lot of excitement to the visitors through its natural and modern tourist attractions. Either you are a traveler, digital nomad, honeymooner, or yoga lover, you can always interesting things to do there. Bali does not only offer plenty of options but it also a budget-backpacker paradise. This page will provide you with the ultimate travel guide around Bali. You will find a lot of information about what you can see and do while visiting the island. In this way, you will be able to make the most of your visit on a budget.

Ultimate Travel Guide around Bali – What to See

Bali is very popular with its natural attractions. The beaches, water attractions, adventure sports, hiking active volcanoes, and exploring rain forests are some of the interesting things offered. Most of the travel guide around Bali will always include tours to visit Bali’s most famous beaches such as Kuta Beach, and Sanur Beach. Bali is also popular with its dive and snorkel spots. If you want to see the cultural phenomenon of the island, you can visit the Great Temple of Besakih, Ubud Monkey Forest, Zoo Park, and more. If you are looking for handicrafts and artworks made by local people you can visit Ubud or Sukawati Traditional Market.


Either it is a luxury hotel or savvy guesthouse, you can easily find them all in Bali. If you prefer to stay in a hotel with a pool, you have to prepare to pay a higher cost. The price you have to pay for the hotel will reach $30 or 425,000 IDR per night. But, if you intend to stay in a budgeted-hotel, you are supposed to pay around $22 – 50 or 315,000 – 700,000 IDR. That is the cost you have for a double room per night. The facilities offered include breakfast and free WiFi. If you are looking for a travel guide around Bali with a cheap hostel or guesthouse, you are expected to pay around $5 to $14 or 75,000 to 200,000 IDR. Though these cheap guesthouses and hostels offer free WiFi and breakfast, they usually do not provide private rooms for the guests. Meanwhile, the luxury hotels in Bali usually start from $930 or 13,000,000 IDR per night.


If you are looking for a travel guide around Bali on budget, you can start with consuming local foods. They are exceptionally cheap. You can even easily find street local food under $0.75 or 10,000 IDR. A basic local meal in Bali usually costs $1.10 or 15,000 IDR. But, if you prefer Western food, you need to pay for about $9 or $125,000.

How to Get Around the Island

So, how to get around Bali on a budget? There are a lot of public transportation you can find in a travel guide around Bali. One-way flights from the island to Australia and most of Asia countries usually start from $75 or 1,000,000 IDR. If you want to go around Bali by using taxis, you need to pay for about $5 or 65,000 IDR. Meanwhile, renting a private minivan across the island usually costs around $14 or 200,000 IDR.

When to Go to Bali

Well, Bali is located in Indonesia. It is a tropical country which only has two seasons for the whole year, they are the rainy season and dry season. The rainy season usually lasts from October to March while the dry season occurs from April to September. The average daily temperature in Bali reaches 280C. Meanwhile, the peak season occurs from July and August. Get more information about the travel guide around Bali and Holiday Package by visiting

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